Saturday, January 5, 2013

how do I write children's stories?

There are some friends who ask, how do I write children's stories? Based on my experience, there are a few tips on writing a children's story that I used to apply to children short stories that I wrote. Maybe it could be an input for my friends who also want to try to write children's stories.

1. Language
Use language that is easily understood by children. If there is a conversation, create a flowing conversation, use everyday language used by the children.

2. Theme of the story
Choose an appropriate theme for children, avoid violent scenes and words-not sopan.Uncommon daily theme  among children could be an option. Like for example on a child's feelings while have a baby, does she feel jealous? This theme is as simple as can be processed into a compelling story.

3. Forms of stories
Can be a real-life stories of everyday life, it could also be a fairy tale. Fables also vary, be about the fairy world, about science, fables, using figures of animals that can talk, can also use character objects that can talk, for example, the story about a lazy boy his room is always a mess, we can tell me about stuff that complain that placed haphazardly, toys, books, shoes and others.

4. Do not limit your imagination.
Do not dismiss a child's imagination. Children have an incredible imagination, which sometimes have not had time to think about. Try to observe what is usually used as the imagination of the children. It may be not always winged fairies, giants are not always evil, and so on. Sample stories with remarkable imagination is the works of Road Dahl.

5. Avoid patronizing impressed storytelling.
Create a story line by inserting messages goodness as smooth as possible so that the children who read it did not realize that he was advised something. Children can take a lesson from the story without feeling forced.

6. Specify a title that can attract children to read.

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